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ING Vysya Bank Q1 Net Profit up 36% at Rs.94.0 crores

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Bangalore July 18 , 2011  
ING Vysya Bank announced its unaudited financial results for the quarter ended 30 June 2011 
following the approval by its Board of Directors at their meeting held in Bangalore today. 
Performance at a Glance 
Q1’ FY 12 v Q1’ FY 11  Net Profit up 36% to Rs. 94.0 crores  Gross Advances up 25% to Rs. 24,256 crores  Deposits up 29% to Rs. 31,313 crores  CASA deposits up 29% to Rs. 10,588 crores  CASA Ratio at 33.8%  Provision cover up from 59.0% to 83.9%  Net NPA improves from 1.36% to 0.35% & Gross NPA improves from 3.25% to 2.15%   Return on Assets improves from 0.83% to 0.95% 
Financial Highlights 
The Net Profit (PAT) of the bank for the quarter ended 30 June 2011 increased by 36.1% to        
Rs. 94.0 crores compared to Rs. 69.1 crores reported in the corresponding quarter of the 
previous year.  The consistent growth in PAT continued, with this being the seventh sequential 
quarterly PAT growth. Net Interest Income (NII) for the quarter increased to Rs. 262.0 crores from 
Rs. 238.0 crores. Net Interest Margin (NIM) was 3.02% for the quarter. With interest rate close to 
its peak barring unexpected policy changes, NIM’s are expected to stabilize and improve in the 
following quarter. Other income was up by 12.9% at Rs. 140.5 crores compared to Rs. 124.4 
crores in quarter ending June 2010. Operating costs for the quarter increased to Rs. 255.7 crores 
from Rs. 213.8 crores in the quarter ending June 2010.  The asset quality continued to improve 
resulting in reduction in provisions and contingencies at Rs. 6.2 crores against Rs. 43.9 crores in 
quarter ending June 2010. Due to focus on asset growth with quality, the provisions and 
contingencies for the quarter were primarily towards standard asset provision.  Return on assets 
improved to 0.95% compared to 0.83% in quarter ending June 2010. Provision cover improved to 
83.9% as of 30 June 2011 as against 59.0% as at 30 June 2010. 
Commenting on the results, Managing Director, Shailendra Bhandari said ”We continue to 
perform on our ambition to deliver above market growth with better quality. Our focus on quality 
has enabled us to now have one of the best performing credit portfolios with among the highest 
provision cover in the market. Despite high interest rates, there are very few signs of stress on 
our asset portfolio. Our growth in profits has been equally driven by interest income and fee 

income. This is despite a tight monetary policy situation in the market which has led to a decline 
in NIM’s for most banks. We are however confident that with the measures we have taken our 
NIM will continue to consistently improve over the coming quarters.”   
Financial Indicators 
Q1 Q1 % 
2011-12 2010-11 growth
In Rs. Crores
Net Interest Income262.0     238.0     10.1%
Other Income140.5     124.4     12.9%
Total Income402.5     362.4     11.0%
Operating Costs255.7     213.8     19.6%
Operating Profit146.8     148.6     -1.2%
Provision & Contingencies6.2         43.9       -85.9%
Profit before Tax140.6     104.7     34.3%
Provision for Taxes46.6       35.6       30.9%
Profit after Tax94.0       69.1       36.1%
As atAs at
30-Jun-1130-Jun-10% growth
In Rs. Crores
Deposits31,312.5        24,205.3        29.4%
       Savings Bank5,066.9          4,467.6          13.4%
       Current Account5,521.6          3,761.5          46.8%
   Demand Deposits10,588.5        8,229.1          28.7%
   CASA %33.8%34.0%
   Term Deposits20,724.1        15,976.2        29.7%
Gross Advances24,255.7        19,336.7        25.4%
Branches and Extension Counters515                483                
ATMs 409                363                
Capital Adequacy Ratio15.89%14.54%
Business Highlights 
Total Deposits were Rs. 31,313 crores at the end of June 2011, up from Rs. 24,205 crores as at 
the end of June 2010. Current and Savings (CASA) deposits grew by a healthy 29% to             
Rs. 10,588 crores from Rs. 8,229 crores as at end of June 2010. CASA ratio was at 33.8% of 
total deposits as at the end of June 2011 as against 34.0% at the end of June 2010. 

Gross Advances grew by 25% to Rs. 24,256 crores at the end of June 2011 from Rs. 19,337 
crores as at end June 2010. The Credit Deposit Ratio stood at 76.1% as at June 2011 as against 
78.4% as at June 2010. 
The Gross NPA ratio and Net NPA ratio were at 2.15% and 0.35% respectively as at 30 June 
2011 compared to 3.25% and 1.36% respectively as at 30 June 2010. Provision cover improved 
from 59.0% at the end of June 2010 to 83.9% as at 30 June 2011. 
The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of the Bank as at 30 June 2011 improved to 15.89% from 
14.54%, as at 30 June 2010 (as per Basel-II). 
In June 2011 the bank successfully raised additional capital of around Rs. 970 crores through a 
combination of Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) and Preferential issue to ING Group. The 
QIP issue received excellent response from domestic and international investors. ING subscribed 
to the maximum permissible stake as allowed by the RBI.   
Other Developments
During the quarter the Bank has opened 5 new branches in 5 new cities in North India. As of June 
2011, the Bank has a total of 515 branches and extension counters, 28 satellite offices and 409 
With the focus to cater to the requirement of banking clients, the Bank continued to invest in 
innovations and technology. With the aim to cater to its business segment’s online money 
management requirements, ING has introduced a new internet banking platform for business 
clients. Catering to the small and medium businesses, the solution allows customers to manage 
their current accounts at the click of a button with features like workflow, vendor pay, multi-level 
mode of operations and future date. 
The Bank re-launched personal loans with an online campaign “I can’t wait”, across the metro 
locations. The program targets ING liability customers, salaried and self employed individuals. 
This loan may be utilised for travel, education, marriage, business or any other personal purpose. 

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